Integrated Policy

Integrated Policy

The management of HOTEL MAESTRANZA, aware of the importance of the quality of the services provided to meet the needs of its customers and the continuous improvement of its processes, has decided to carry out the implementation of an Integrated Management System, that is effective and appropriate to the needs, with this it is sought to obtain the full satisfaction of the clients and demonstrate the capacity to always provide a conforming services, as well as its environmental commitment.

To comply with the proposed objectives, the management system established by the HOTEL MAESTRANZA based on the reference standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004, is based on the following basic pillars:

· Establish as main objective to provide a service whose level exceeds expectations, and thus the level of satisfaction of our customers, by identifying their needs and introducing improvements.
· Identify and evaluate the significant environmental aspects for the organization and establish a series of measures that serve to reduce the environmental impact that may occur.
· Compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the quality of the service, current environmental legislation and others that the organization subscribes, as well as the prevention of pollution and protection of the environment.
· Focus on all our efforts and resources towards a continuous improvement of the quality of our services, as well as maintaining this spirit of continuous improvement throughout the hotel team.
· Apply all your organization and resources to achieve the maintenance of the implemented management system, as well as ensure that the quality of the services provided are in accordance with the established requirements.
· Sensitize, inform and train employees about the environmental aspects related to their job, as well as quality matters, providing our workers with constant and effective training, ensuring the recycling of knowledge for a higher quality in the provision of service. All this in an environment favorable to the promotion of quality and respect for the environment and teamwork.
· Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality and environmental objectives.

The management is committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and the environmental performance of the organization through an annual review of the system and the establishment and monitoring of quality and environmental goals and targets.
This Policy will be disseminated among the staff of the HOTEL MAESTRANZA, being also available to the public.

In Ronda, on January 11, 2016.

Signed Pedro Morales
Director H. Maestranza.